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Conversations with a 14 year old boy….

Some nights, less than many, I am graced by the sweet presence of my middle boy, Pierce. Tonight was one of those sweet memorable nights. For literally 2 hours he laid piled up in my bed snuggled under the covers like the little boy that once use to crawl up and sleep next to me at night. But this little boy now stands a towering 5.5 inches taller me, he’s 5’10. And it’s just not cool to sleep with mom anymore. Most of our conversation consisted of answering “what if?” Questions… Would you want to live in a bigger house…. Don’t you know we already have too much stuff…and the purity ring..Now this struck a cord in my heart. He proceeded to tell me that one of his little buddies got one. But his little friend didn’t want it. Pierce also said it’s not like anyone can make you be pure. I held his sweet little hand and explained that the ring is just symbol to remind you of the promise you make to God. Do you understand what that promise is? Yes, mama I do. It’s to not sleep with anyone before marriage. I gently responded back to him that you don’t have to wear a ring to make that promise but in the days to come there are going to be girls that will be willing to give you anything you want. But it’s your responsibility to try and not fall into these temptations. Explaining the meaning of true love wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. But explaining the outcome of irrational decisions was. By the end of the conversation I do feel as if he had a better understanding not just about promises to God, but promises he must keep for himself. When I look at him I still see that little boy….


About kellycolley

Before Kelly Colley got into the real estate business, she held many different jobs, but none that were truly fulfilling. It bothered her during this period was that nothing she did seemed truly rewarding. About 10 years ago, she met her future husband Robb, who worked in real estate. After many discussions, the two of them decided to open a brokerage. Kelly says the first few years were “extremely trying, mainly due to all the obstacles we had to overcome.” Kelly and Robb persevered and worked hard to get their name out in the community. Now, 10 years later and after much persistence, they are the small business owners of Alabama Homefinders Inc. and are continually expanding into other Alabama counties. Kelly credits the keys to her success to her faith in God and His guidance as well as her husband Robb, who she says is her “rock, best friend, and mentor”. The excitement Kelly sees in her clients’ faces when they close on a new home is what she believes is the most exciting part of her job. In addition to her work in real estate, Kelly is the founder of an organization that finally helped her find her “niche” and is perhaps the most rewarding work she does. She founded Keeping the Babies Warm in 2012, a nonprofit that collects gloves, coats, sweaters, scarves and other items in the winter months that are then distributed to various organizations. Kelly and Robb have a “blended” family with four sons that range in age from 21 to 8, Trey, Dalton, Pierce and John Walker. In her spare time, Kelly enjoys hosting a Wednesday morning womens' Bible study, meditating each day on God's word, cooking and making homemade jellies, spending quality time with her kids, traveling, deep sea fishing and writing. Kelly is an active serving member of the Church of the Highlands Montgomery location.

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